jaden phoenix vis

welcome !

hello beautiful, light-filled souls.

my name is jaden, you can call me j for short. i’m a writer and a social work student. i’ve known, for as long as i can remember, that i want to spend my life writing and helping people. as i’ve matured, i’ve become increasingly passionate about healing + recovery.

grab yourself a cup of tea, cozy up in some blankets, and immerse yourself into the deepest depths of my soul.

with love, j.

about me

who am i

i’m a twenty year old woman with big dreams and even stronger passions. i’m currently in university, studying both social work and english. i’ve always had the absurd fantasy of becoming an author while also teaching young kidlets about their unending potential as human beings. well, i say fantasy, but here i am trying to make those things happen.

i grew up in a broken home riddled with pain and addiction, and i have been labelled with a myriad of mental illnesses. you’ll hear me talk about this often as its something that informs all of my works. but in sum, i’m extremely ardent about the reality of the healing and recovery process, and i’m sure as heck a believer in the power of that lies within each and every one of us.

join me on this journey of self-actualization where i will guide you in reclaiming your magic. i promise to foster a creative community where each and every one of you is both seen and heard.

you are so loved. i love you all ever so dearly.

what am i up to?

i’m currently working with a publishing company based in new york to publish my no-filter poetry book titled “re-birthed, renewed, resurrected”.

you will *soon* be able to re-discover your power through the rawness and vulnerability i share in this work. i promise she will be of comfort to you regardless of where you’re at in your healing journey.

a no-filter poetry book

in re-birthed, renewed, resurrected, jaden phoenix vis flexes all the intricacies and ironies of poetry form to navigate the absurd task of trying to heal from her childhood traumas. armed with vibrant syntax and an infectious sense of realness, these poems approach desire, power, illness, and the reality of healing with a truly inventive voice. she navigates the absurd and cosmic cycles of abuse and self-care. epiphanies take place within the lines of the poetry as she transitions through phases of growth in congruence with a phoenix: the burning of who she once was, and the creation of a new being.

peer counselling services

i believe in the power of peer support. i’m a social work student, and i have worked/ volunteered more than 2000 hours in the human service sector.

though i don’t yet have my credentials, i’m very close. i would love to chat with you, be a listening ear, and even provide you with some guidance given what i have learned thus far in both my education and life experience.





i offer sliding scale peer counselling services anywhere from $10+

want to know more?

the chances are i’m cozied up in a cafe with an extra large cup of coffee, just waiting to hear from you beautiful people.

if you want to know more, or have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email or instagram.

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